Historical & Archaeological Interpretation (Education & Heritage)

We are passionate about Historical and Archaeological Education and between us we have 44 years of practical experience as The Godolghan Education Group, formed to provide a very real ‘Hands-On’ historical educational experience. We facilitate exciting, educational experiences for all, in schools and colleges, for Home Education groups and for Historical houses, English Heritage and the National Trust.

Over the year’s we have continually researched, expanding our brief and enhancing our academic careers. Colin has researched and read continually, this has resulted in him acquiring a vast specialized understanding of fortifications, weaponry and Blackpowder artillery.  Sally has expanded her portfolio radically, gaining her BSc (Hons) in Archaeology, a Masters in Experimental Archaeology and a Professional Graduate Certificate in Education.

Our continuing enthusiasm enables us to facilitate educational 

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experiences that now include ‘Prehistoric’ as well as ‘Historic’ past and aspects of Archaeology. We also facilitate workshops, lectures and demonstrations on Archaeological, Experimental Archaeology & Ancient Technology themes along with our original workshops that include Iron Age Britain through to the Crimean War.

If you are looking for a new way to engage your students with their past and would like them to have a ‘hands on experience’ that will stay with them for years to come, then we would like to help.  We present the past using a vast array of period-specific museum quality artefacts that can be handled, examined and drawn by the students, during which questions and discussions are encouraged.

We pride ourselves on the range of intriguing and thought provoking Artefacts that we can bring to your school, these include candles and combs, pins and pikes, musical instruments, swords & armour.  Frequently there is a intriguing mystery object to stimulate and provoke discussion and, if the historical period allows, the all important cannon, .
To add to the educational experience we can be dressed in clothing of the period. This is after all an important aspect of life which encourages questions and gives the student a further perspective on the past.

This multi stage approach promotes ‘A Sense of Place’ and supports ‘Learning outside the Classroom’.  It encourages the enquiring mind and promotes discussion enabling a greater understanding of our past.

This educational experience is tailored to your student’s requirements.  We are able to encompass our past from ‘Experiencing the Prehistoric’ to ‘Life during the Crimean War’.  We can demonstrate the art of Flint knapping, promote a better understanding of ‘Tudor Life’ or facilitate workshops that will enable your students to construct their own historical garment. 

We are at ease with all ages and abilities and are able to work in schools, colleges or Universities throughout England and Wales. We are also available to accompany you & your students to ‘site specific’ visits, enabling a better understanding of an archaeological or historical monument, castle or place. 

We enjoy brining the past alive for all and believe that our visit will encourage, inspire and remain with you for years to come.