About Us

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Founded in 1987, "The Star Gun Company" is managed by Colin & Sally, a husband and wife team with a deep passion for the past and an endless enthusiasm for Blackpowder cannon.

Over the last 25 years, we have set about collecting, reproducing and restoring a vast array of artillery, and an extensive collection of working Blackpowder handguns along with a collection of museum quality artefacts to complement them.

This dedication and enthusiasm has resulted in probably the largest family-owned collection of fully functioning Blackpowder firing weaponry in Britain and Europe.

The collection is grouped according to its historical period and pieces are regularly utilized. As an Armourers Company, we have demonstrated the lethal accuracy of Medieval and Tudor firepower for documentary television and film productions and provided small arms, armour, costume and training for actors and presenters.

Elements of our collection have and are able to tour, providing entertaining and educational, artillery and historical displays. We have travelled throughout the UK and northern Europe and schoolchildren have been both inspired and entertained by our educational workshops.

During this time, Colin has gathered exceptional experience, unique knowledge and a great understanding of Blackpowder Artillery and Handguns.  

Consequently, since 1992, we have acted as consultants for various productions within the film and television industry with ‘The Star Gun Company’ receiving B.B.C. Accreditation in 2000.

Since 1987, we have considerably enhanced our portfolio and for all aspects of the Heritage Industry (Historical and Educational projects) throughout the UK and Europe we are now providing academic guidance and practical application in the following areas: 

  • Historical & Archaeological Events
  • Reproduction, Conservation & Restoration of Blackpowder Artillery & Handguns
  • Archaeological & Historical, Educational Workshops 
  • Accurate Reproductions of Historical & Archaeological Clothing & Artefacts
  • Event Management